Young farmer working in a cornfield, inspecting and tuning irrigation center pivot sprinkler system on smartphone.

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Crop Scouting Services

The goal of our scouting service is to assist our customers in managing their operations and crop inputs by assessing pest pressures, evaluating economic risk, and applying an effective treatment on a timely basis. We will also take into consideration the stage of growth, field history, fertility program, soil type, and drainage in assessing any management strategies.

What is included in

Our Reports

  • A scouting visit once every 10 – 14 days from crop emergence to maturity
  • A scouting report after each visit
  • Population counts and stand establishment
  • Early N tests, if applicable, along with a fertility consultation
  • Early season insect populations (bean leaf beetle, wireworms, white grubs, seed corn maggots, and rootworms)
  • Early season disease pressures (Phytopthora, Fusarium, Pythium, and Anthracnose)
  • Weed identification, herbicide application timing, and recommendations
  • Mid-late season insect scouting (aphids, spider mites, corn rootworm beetles, and corn borers)
  • Mid-late season disease pressure (NCLB, Goss’ Wilt, Grey leaf spot, White Mold, SDS, and Rust)
  • Fall yield estimates

Based on finding

Pricing Information

Prices are determined by how many visits you need and the level of reporting you require during a single growing season. After each visit, you will receive a detailed report.

Acreages are limited. Call us for pricing